MSI Introduces Radeon R8 280 Gaming Graphics Card

MSI has announced a new graphics card – the Radeon R9 280 Gaming.

This graphics card is based on AMD's new graphics card, but carries a couple of changes (most notably, the cooler, which is now one of MSI's TwinFrozr IV coolers). This cooler carries two fans, which are optimized to allow quieter operation than the reference solution.

MSI has clocked the graphics card with a base frequency of 933 MHz and will allow it to boost up to 1000 MHz by default. That said, there's probably a little room for overclocking too, if you're interested. The card is powered through a single 8-pin PCIe power connector along with a single 6-pin power connector.

Display connectivity is handled by a single dual-link DVI port, along with an HDMI port and two DisplayPort connectors.

No word on availability yet, but pricing is expected to sit around the $280 mark.

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  • KosherGrimace
    The title erroneously states "R8 280".
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  • KosherGrimace
    The title erroneously states "R8 280".
  • bemused_fred
    "pricing is expected to sit around the $280 mark"

    BUAHAHAHAHAHAA!! HAAA HAA HAAA HAAAAA!!! HAHAHAHA!! Ha ha. Heh. That's a good one! Now, what's the post-mining-rush price going to be?
  • Captain75
    I thought this was a whole new card