MSI Offers 2 Months of Extra Warranty in Response to Coronavirus

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With the coronavirus outbreak, many of us are stuck at working at home while manufacturing and industries have come to a standstill. In light of this, MSI announced Wednesday that it'd be appropriate to extend the warranties of its customers that are set to expire this month.

"MSI remains committed to our mission of putting our customers first. In light of the health concerns surrounding coronavirus across the globe, we want to ensure that our valued customers don’t have to worry about anything other than their health and safety," the company said. 

(Image credit: MSI)

The manufacturer is placing strict conditions on the promotional program though. For one, the warranty has to expire within March, and you have to be enrolled in the MSI Rewards Program. The product categories covered are desktops, motherboards, AIO computers, PC cases and monitors. Interestingly, laptops and graphics cards are not included in the program despite being huge markets for the company.

Lastly, to qualify, you have to live in one of the areas heavily affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, which include the U.S., Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden Switzerland and the UK. 

You'll note that China isn't on the list. That's because MSI has a different independent warranty extension program there.

Kudos to MSI for at least giving users the peace of mind that they'll be able to deal with last-minute warranty issues. We're curious if other vendors will come out with similar programs.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.