Watch MSI's Viral X-Slim Butt Clenching Video

Could computer companies be turning to viral internet videos for their marketing efforts? After all, some videos can spread like wildfire – though having them created by a corporation kind of takes away from the fun.

The latest effort comes from MSI, which, in a possibly brilliant but somewhat tasteless move, has created a video showing off how its thin and light X-Slim notebook can be caught between a pair of clenched butt cheeks. Check out the video below:

Guy Catches MSI X-Slim With His Butt

The video, besides promoting the thin profile of the X-Slim, could be a promotion for MSI's own video contest to win a trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

Earlier this month, Microsoft made its own viral video showing an impressive water slide stunt in promotion of Office Project 2007.

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  • billin30
    "Dude is it gay...?"
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  • thejerk
    The cartwheel "catch" seriously made me LOL.
  • billin30
    "Dude is it gay...?"
  • doomtomb
    I saw this last night, pretty good.