NZXT, Asus Light Up Special Edition Noctis 450 ROG

NZXT and Asus have teamed up to announce a special edition of NZXT’s Noctis 450 case that is specifically tailored towards hardcore PC gamers and enthusiasts.

The Noctis 450 ROG, which is simply a special upgraded edition of the well-reviewed Noctis 450, features an exclusive gun-gray finish and special ROG certification. Additionally, the Noctis 450 ROG also comes with ASUS’s Aura Sync lighting system, which allows builders with Aura certified motherboards to control the case’s power LED, underglow, PSU shroud, and two internal LED strips through the use of a special motherboard connector.

This connector, along with the Aura Sync software, will give builders full customization of the case’s RGB lighting system as well as access to no less than nine different preset lighting modes. Furthermore, it will also sync the case’s lighting with the lighting on Aura-compatible expansion cards and peripherals. Finally, for those lacking an Aura certified motherboard, the Noctis 450 ROG also includes a special 4-pin adapter that will set the case’s lighting to a steady red color.

New features aside, this case also comes with all of the other features included with the regular Noctis 450, including four preinstalled fans, room for radiators up to 360mm in length, an integrated 8-port PWM fan controller, and more. The ROG edition of the Noctis 450 also shares the same two-year warranty as its less tricked-out counterpart.

The Noctis 450 ROG should be available in North America sometime in early-February, and sometime mid-February in Europe. Pricing is expected to be $179.99 in the U.S. and €179.90 in the EU.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Noctis 450 ROG
Dimensions:8.66 x 22.32 x 21.41 inches / 220 x 567 x 544mm(WxHxD)
Materials:Steel, Plastic
Weight:9.6 kg (21.2 lbs)
Motherboard Support:ATX, MicroATX, MiniITX
Front Panel I/O:-2x USB 3.0-2x USB 2.0, -Headset/Mic-I/O Panel Lighting Control
Front Cooling:2x 140mm or 3x 120mm (Included)
Top Cooling:2x 140mm or 3x 120mm
Rear Cooling:1x 140mm (Included) or 1x 120mm
Filters:Front and Rear PSU included
Internal 3.5”:6
Internal 2.5”:8
Expansion Slots:7
Max CPU Cooler Height:180mm (4.25”)
Max GPU Clearance:With HDD Cage: 294mm (11.57”), Without: 406mm (15.98”)
Cable Management:Lowest Point: 17.7mm, Highest Point: 32.5mm
  • thundervore
    This chassis needs to die already!!

    Its the same metal H440 frame with little additions, a few plastic parts here and there and its a new case. There are like 10 different versions of this already. I get it that it was a game changer that removed the front bays but now they are just beating a dead horse.
  • monsta
  • Karadjgne
    I'd rather have a manual Hue type controller for those without an Asus mobo than an 8port fan controller. At least that way I'd not be stuck with red. Can't see it being worth the price over cases like the Enthoo series. I like Asus, really do, but this strikes me as a little too much, a little too late with a case that's not that impressive for its price.