Get A Taste Of The Oculus Touch 'Toybox' Demo

Before E3 started this year, Oculus made some early waves, not only with its release window announcement, but also with the introduction of a controller to go with it. Then, at E3, we were finally able to try out the Oculus Touch, or rather an early version of it called the "Half-Moon Prototype," behind closed doors. The Toybox demo was never made public until recently, when Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe showed it off on YouTube and Facebook.

For those who weren't able to attend E3 or PAX Prime this year, this is the first glimpse of what attendees saw when they tried the Rift along with Oculus Touch. An Oculus chaperon would help secure the HMD and the controller to your head and hands, respectively, and then go to an adjacent room.

Throughout the entire demo, your chaperon was in front of you, across a virtual table. Various toys were scattered on the table, such a robot, a remote-controlled mini-tank, and even a laser gun for shooting targets (similar to a carnival game). The controller's triggers and analog sticks served as your virtual fingers, mimicking the movement of your actual fingers. For example, if your index finger didn't grip the trigger, your virtual index finger would be extended, but if you pressed the trigger, it would clench down, as if you were making a fist.

Other features were present as well, such as fireworks (that you could light), a shrink ray gun, and even a few orbs that could be grabbed and "shattered" on the ground to temporarily take you to another environment.

Granted, it's not the same as actually trying the demo, but it should at least give viewers a chance to see what these demos look like.

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