Phanteks Puts Its Cooling Prowess On Display At Computex

In addition to the company’s new EVOLV Shift line of cases, Phanteks has a number of new cooling products on display at Computex. Front and center are Phanteks’ GeForce GTX 1080 Ti water blocks we told you about last month, as well as the Glacier C350A AMD CPU water block.

Both the GPU and CPU water blocks feature polished clear acrylic covers fastened to a nickel-plated copper base. The company uses o-rings made of Viton for their excellent compression properties and added durability. All of Phanteks' water blocks are compatible with any aftermarket open-loop water cooling system that uses standard G1/4 type fittings.

Moving on, Phanteks also had its brand new HALOS and HALOS LUX RGB fans on display. This design features RGB lighting embedded in the fan frame that disperses light evenly across the fan blade for a brighter, fuller look. For those of you wanting to spice up the look of the HALOS series fans, the company offers beveled aluminum fan covers that adds a little something extra to the look of the fans.

Photo Credits: Craig Ferguson