Rock Your PC's World With a 1TB Pioneer SSD for $94

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Pioneer's APS-SL3 1TB SSD is a decent and low-cost way to rejuvenate your old PC or laptop. It's now on sale for just $93.99, which is pretty good considering we've seen it sell for as much as $139.99.

The Pioneer APS-SL3 1TB SSD is housed inside a 2.5-inch case and utilizes a standard SATA III connector, traits that make this drive a great upgrade for old systems that lack an M.2 port. The drive is 7mm thick, so it should fit perfectly into both aging and modern laptops.

Pioneer's SSD employs high-quality 3D NAND TLC (triple-level cell) flash and a Phison S11 controller enabling the drive to deliver sequential write and read speeds of 550 MB/s and 500 MB/s, respectively. The APS-SL3's performance is simply better than your conventional hard drive on its best day.

The 1TB drive is the highest performing model of Pioneer's SSD lineup. At 9 cents per gigabyte, it also offers you the best value for your hard-earned cash.

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ProductCapacitySequential ReadSequential WritePrice (at time of writing)Price Per GB
Pioneer APS-SL3 1TB1TB550 MB/s500 MB/s$93.99$0.09
Pioneer APS-SL3 512GB512GB550 MB/s490 MB/s$53.99$0.11
Pioneer APS-SL3 480GB480GB520 MB/s450 MB/s$48.99$0.10
Pioneer APS-SL3 256GB256GB550 MB/s490 MB/s$30.99$0.12
Pioneer APS-SL3 240GB240GB520 MB/s450 MB/s$28.99$0.12

The Pioneer APS-SL3 1TB SSD comes with some expected SSD features, such as garbage collection, S.M.A.R.T self-monitoring and LPDC (low-density parity-check) error correction. The drive is backed by a limited three-year warranty or 360 TBW (terabytes written), whichever comes first.

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