Power Color Finally Gets A Fiji: R9 Nano Announced

Power Color missed out on both the Fury X and standard Fury releases earlier this summer. AMD had selected only two preferred add-in-board vendors for the limited early release, but the tables seem to have been turned for the R9 Nano launch. Power Color is among the first vendors to offer the compact Radeon R9 Nano card (our full review here).

Based on the full-spec Fiji GPU, the R9 Nano features a core clock of up to 1000 MHz that adjusts dynamically to keep the power draw at or below 175 W. The GPU is paired with 4 GB of HBM memory operating on a 4096-bit memory bus, clocked at 500 MHz. AMD is keeping the specifications of these cards locked down fairly tight and is not allowing for overclocking of the memory; therefore, all R9 Nano's are practically identical.

The card is enclosed in a metal shroud and makes use of a vapor chamber cooling system. It features a single fan to keep air flowing over the surface and out the rear of the case. The ventilation is maximized by omitting a DVI port, leaving space for a full slot of vents. Power Color's R9 Nano shares the same 6-inch PCB as the reference card we were sent to evaluate. For more details on the performance of the card, our review goes over the finer points.

Power Color did not specify when the R9 Nano will be available, and a quick search online showed none available yet. Expect to see them show up at retailers in the coming days. AMD set the suggested price for the R9 Nano to $650, and there's no reason to expect a different price tag for Power Color's copy.

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