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'Project Cars' Gets Vive Support At Last

The HTC Vive launched a little over a month ago, and its game library is starting to shape up with a nice selection of different genres. The racing category has been sadly lacking on Steam VR, but it's getting a slight improvement, at least; Project Cars is coming to the platform.

Project Cars is arguably one of the best racing games available. When the Rift launched, Slightly Mad Studios made sure that Project Cars was part of the lineup, but the studio was quiet about whether or not support for the Vive would be added.

Today, Project Cars patch 11.0 dropped, and patch notes revealed that the game now supports both leading VR HMDs. Slight Mad Studios said that Project Cars now has “full HTC Vive support.” The company didn’t stop at adding support for just the HMD, though; Project Cars will integrate with SteamVR’s room customization, meaning that you’ll be able to customize the background surrounding the in-game menus with content purchased from the SteamVR Workshop

Project Cars PC patch 11.0 also includes a number of VR improvements that are not HMD-specific. The game now supports gaze control and no longer removes mouse support while in VR mode. The developers said the following changes have been made for VR:

Gaze control implemented, providing hands-free interaction with the User Interface Mouse pointer control in HMD view implementedPhoto mode is now fully functionalDepth of Field (DoF)effects now work correctly The game will now retain controller focus when the player removes the HMDImproved rendering system for Crepuscular rays and Sun flares Improved rendering of dirt and rain drops on Helmet visorImproved the default seat position Improved the default HUD positionImproved default camera settings to prevent the car tilting independently from the player at steep inclinesFixed a refresh issue on the UI when returning from a race to the main menu

The patch is already live on Steam. If you own a copy of the game, it should already be updated.

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