'Project Cars' Updated To Support Latest Oculus Runtime

Slightly Mad Studios was one of the first triple-A studios to pledge support for the Oculus Rift VR HMD. The developer's current game, Project Cars, has been available for nearly a year, and it has had many updates that have added VR support in stages. As Oculus has updated its software development kit, Slightly Mad Studios has been updating the game to improve the virtual reality driving experience.

The latest patch for Project Cars, PC Patch 8.0, arrives today. As you would expect, the studio has added a number of cars and a pair of tracks to the latest version of the game. There have been adjustments to the physics engine, and the company noted a handful of bug fixes for various parts of the game, but the most interesting change for VR fans is the update to support Oculus Runtime 0.8.0. However, the developer didn’t list details of what benefits are gained from updating to the latest SDK support.

A representative of Slightly Mad Studios took to Reddit earlier today to let the community know that this update, though minor, is the last update we’ll see for the game before the retail release of the Oculus Rift. The company has been working internally with version 1.0 of the Oculus SDK and said it has a bunch of changes coming for that version, but Oculus won’t be launching the runtime publicly until the Rift starts shipping on March 28.

So short term that means that you won't be getting any new features/fixes for Project CARS, but luckily it's only a very short time. As soon as the CV1 goes live, you'll be receiving a game update with a whole bunch of features, fixes, and optimizations.

Project Cars already delivers a compelling VR experience for DK2 owners. Racers who pre-ordered a Rift can look forward to having full support for VR when their headsets arrive.

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  • thor220
    Maybe they could release an AMD patch to fix the crippling amount of tessellation they use on AMD cards? As it stands right now the game gets about half the frames it should on AMD cards.

    Not going to support scumbag devs like this who blatantly screw one OEM over.
  • David Dewis
    This is the kind of game I'm looking forward to playing in Vr. Simulators are perfect for Vr. I've really got zero interest in being able to stand and move around until the thing is completely wireless.