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Wireless PC-Connected VR HMDs Might Not Be Far Off: Quark VR Made A Wireless Vive Transmitter

There’s no doubt that virtual reality has tremendous potential to change the way we game, consume entertainment and even work, but this new medium has a long way to go before the average person buys into the concept. The most common complaints people have are that the HMDs have to be higher resolution, the computers need to be more powerful and yet more affordable, and probably most importantly, the industry has to figure out a way to cut the cords and go wireless.

It appears as though a company from Bulgaria may have cracked the wireless puzzle. Quark VR, a division of Intugame, announced that it would be showcasing a Wi-Fi-based wireless system for the HTC Vive later this year. The company said it has been working with Valve to create a device that can transmit and receive the signals coming to and from the Vive HMD.

We don’t know much about Quark VR’s solution, but the company said that it created a small transmitter device that you put in your pocket. The Vive plugs into it, and it handles the signal between your PC and the HMD.

The transmitter leverages Wi-Fi for its wireless signal. Quark VR acknowledged that there is a a certain amount of lag when sending VR data over Wi-Fi, but the company said that it is “getting extremely close to be able to show it in action.”

Quark VR didn’t say exactly when it will be demonstrating the wireless solution, but the company has plans to showcase the tether free Vive system later this year. Intel recently showcased a proof of concept wireless system with WiGig, and it used a Rift DK2. Perhaps the days of tether-free VR are closer than we ever expected.

Kevin Carbotte is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes news and reviews of graphics cards and virtual reality hardware.