Raidmax Introduces Efficient 600W PSU

The RX-600AF is an upgrade over the also new 500AF (500 Watt) and promises to be energy efficient by converting up to 85 percent of the input electricity into usable energy.

According to the manufacturer, the PSU comes with an "eco-friendly white fan with the best thermal control efficiency", industrial grade protection circuitry that is designed to prevent damage from short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and over-power protection, as well as a turbo fan controller to enforce cooling. The RX-600AF supports ATX 12V2.2 version with the 80 Plus Bronze eco certification. Raidmax offers the PSU for a suggested retail price of $60.

The series also includes the recently launched RF-700AC, which carries the 80 Plus Bronze label as well, but delivers a total power of 700 Watt. The RF-700AC has a suggested retail price of $70, while the 500AF sells for $50.

  • Raidur
    I know what your thinking...


    Oh... 85%...

    Ok, Raidmax!"
  • nikorr
    They are selling at the right price.
  • joytech22
    kensingtronThanks for bringing this mundane piece of information to my attention. You have now consumed small peaces of life from thousands of readers that WE will never get back.
    This IS a computer and technology site, you know that right?
    Plus your not helping anyone by consuming small "PIECES" of people's intelligence with your spelling.

    Anyway back on topic, honestly until they build themselves a reputation for solid and reliable power supplies I won't buy from this brand. :( I'm not saying they are bad, but I like to know a brand before I buy from them.
  • Raidmax PSU's are garbage.
  • theuniquegamer
    Is this an ad or something? TBH there are a lot of good manufacturer like FSP,Seasonic making more better product than this ofcourse at a little higher price.
  • hellfire24
    Still i won't buy Raidmax psu.
    NOTE:I know most of the rosewill psus are crap but capstone series is good.a friend of mine runs 2500k,7950 xfire on 750w capstone unit.they highly recommended!
  • de5_Roy
    never thought i'd read 'raidmax psu' and 'efficient' in the same sentence. 'raidmax psu' and 'busted', 'raidmax psu' and 'stay the !@#$ away', 'raidmax psu' and 'only if you have bottmline entry level components that never taxes your hardware and pray' - yes.
    anyway, the article made me chuckle. :)
  • Yadhu
    Raidmax! never heard of it
  • samuelspark
    $1 for 10 watts... Seems cheap... too cheap...
  • bloodymaze
    Raidmax: bringing you constant paperweights
    New slogan, kinda catchy :)