Raijintek Releases Macula 12 Rainbow RGB Fan

Raijintek released a new 120mm PWM fan, the Macula 12 Rainbow RGB, that features two light rings in its frame.

When it comes adding RGB lighting to fans, there are two common approaches. One places the lighting elements in the fan hub and the other in the frame. Raijintek’s Macula 12 is an example of the latter. Its lighting comes from two LED rings that are situated on the front and back side of its frame and surround its fan rotor. Two more of the fan’s notable aesthetic aspects are the spoke-like design of its hub mount, which is constructed from clear plastic, and the rubber-padded corners of the frame.

The Macula 12 has an interesting, if somewhat inconvenient, method of control. The light rings are connected to a six-pin header that doesn’t seem to be readily compatible with lighting ecosystems from major motherboard OEMs, such as Asus Aura. Instead, the fan is meant to be driven by an included six-port hub with 300 pre-programmed lighting modes that are selected by remote control. The Macula 12’s rotor is PWM-controlled from a standard four-pin fan connector and has a RPM range of 800 to 1,800. It’s not clear, however, whether the fan hub is also capable of providing fan rotor control, or only lighting control. An included cable with a molex and four-pin fan connector suggests that the hub can act as a PWM fan hub as well.

As for its performance, the Macula 12 has a rated airflow of 56 CFM, noise level of 25 dB, and static pressure of 1.89 mmH2O at maximum speed. Manufacturer supplied fan measurements are typically optimistic, so all we can say is that the lower figure for static pressure makes the Macula 12 a suboptimal choice for radiators and heatsinks. The fan uses a sleeve bearing with a rated MTBF of 40,000 hours.

The Macula 12 Rainbow RGB is available in packs of two or three, both of which include the six-port hub and remote control. Pricing and availability are currently unknown.

There’s no shortage of RGB fans these days. Alternatives to the Macula 12 that also feature light rings include those from Enermax, Corsair, and Thermaltake, just to name a few.

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Dimensions120 x 120 x 25mm
Airflow56 CFM (max)
Pressure1.89 mmH2O
Noise25 dBA (max)
MTBF40,000 hours
Warranty1 Year