Razer Chroma Gets AI Assist from Amazon Alexa

Razer's Chroma lighting and its Synapse program go hand-in-hand, but soon there will be another way to control Razer's RGB lights: Amazon Alexa. At CES in Las Vegas, the company announced that the voice assistant will be able to control gaming hardware with Razer Synapse 3. The feature will come to Razer Synpase 3 in Q2 in the U.S. and Canada (later in 2019 elsewhere), and those who connect to Alexa will see a module to enable it.

You don't need an Echo speaker, either. You'll be able to use Razer's headsets and microphones (Razer told me others might work, but its devices are "recommended") to control your PC's lighting, change profiles and adjust settings. And besides adjusting lighting, Alexa can still do most of the things hardware speakers do, like check the weather and answer questions.

At one point during my demo, a Razer rep asked Alexa to have Synapse throw a "Chroma party," in which music started blasting and the lights started dancing around.

Additionally, Razer showed off the growth of its Chroma Connected Devices program, which was announced last June, and how devices from 15 partners, including Thermaltake, MSI, G.Skill and AsRock can connect RGB software to Synapse to control all of your lights through Razer's software.

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