Razer Pledges Support to Mac Gamers

No doubt spurred on by the commitment that Valve software pledged to the Mac with confirmation that Steam and Source Engine games, Razer today affirmed its support for Apple's computer platform.

The announcement by Razer was made at the Game Developers Conference, where the company pledged an effort to increase support for Mac users by issuing driver support for all upcoming products, including the Razer StarCraft II peripheral suite.

"I’m very proud to say that at Razer, we are committed to supporting both Mac and PC gamers," said Robert Krakoff, president, Razer USA. "We are constantly working to increase driver support for Mac with our existing Razer products and have plans to release all of our new products with dedicated Mac and PC drivers. This is a really exciting opportunity to expand the gaming industry and make it more inclusive for Mac users by providing the same level of support that we give to our PC users."

Mac gamers can now pick from several Razer options, such as the Naga, for MMO gaming, as well as the DeathAdder, right-handed gamers. Razer said that it is now working on releasing drivers to equip existing products with Mac compatibility.

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  • Abrahm
    Can Mac users handle TWO mouse buttons? That kind of complexity can be overwhelming!

    I jest. The only thing that pleases me about Macs getting more games and gaming support is that it could mean more Linux support too.
  • broketechjunkie
    All 10 of them?

    Just kidding :P That's great news.
  • Other Comments
  • broketechjunkie
    All 10 of them?

    Just kidding :P That's great news.
  • Anonymous
    Finally Apple might consider releasing Mac Pros withour Pro for less than $1500 and decent video card. Lose the Xeons and go with i5.
  • dman3k
    And they will cost 30% more than the PC counterpart.