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Light Up Your Black Friday With Razer’s Goliathus Extended Mousemat (33% off)

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Let me be the first to say how critical I was when Razer first launched its RGB Firefly mouse-mat many moons ago. In fact, I absolutely despised it, the hub at the top continually got in the way of my mouse, and coupled with the price it drove me to the brink of insanity. I scored it 3/10 at the little PC magazine I was working with at the time, and Razer was not happy (understandably). 

That said, a lot has changed since then, and I've actually been using its latest RGB mousemat the Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma (opens in new tab) for the past month now. I’m happy to say all of the problems I had with the original Firefly have long been addressed, so when I saw this deal pop up this Black Friday holiday with 33% off I knew I could wholeheartedly recommend it. 


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Razer’s Goliathus Extended Chroma is on sale for $40 (33% off) (opens in new tab)

This flexible full-size soft mouse mat, complete with RGB lighting lining the edge, a non-slip rubber base, and a perfect finish for any optical mouse is a fantastic solution for the gamer who's looking to light up their desktop setup. 


Original Concerns?

So what were the issues I had with the original Firefly mousemat? Well aside from whacking my mouse into the top USB hub every five minutes, the surface was a bit abrasive, and the RGB lighting, was so hidden away on the underside of the mouse mat you could barely see it in day-light whatsoever. In fact you needed complete darkness to even notice it. Couple that with the price and, at the time, it was enough to put me off. 


RGB16.8 million colors, Razer Chroma Compatible
Texture StyleSoft Cloth
BaseNon-slip Rubber
Cable Length2.1m USB
Warranty1 Year


Fast forward to 2019 with this Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Mouse-mat and the difference is well, night and day. This full-length pad, comes in at 920mm wide by 294mm tall (36.22x11.57-inches) meaning you can quite comfortably fit both your mouse and your keyboard on the thing without worry. The textured cloth is comfortable and warm to place your hand on and tracks well (admittedly I’m using a Razer Basilisk with this setup although not the wireless one, that we love). The lighting, now diffused via a flexible plastic tubing lining the edges of the mat, spills out onto the desk and is easily visible during daytime use, and the power hub to get all of these RGB frills running sits at the top left of the mouse-mat, meaning for any right-handed gamer, that mouse is never going to hit it and ruin your run mid firefight (or Raid boss in my case).

Admittedly I am running the Mercury versions of the Goliathus Extended Chroma, and a few other choice Razer periphs this Black Friday week, but I doubt that affects the experience that dramatically for those gamers who like to mix and match their products (in fact I was using a SteelSeries Sensei Ten, and Wooting keyboard on it before I swapped over to the complete Mercury set you see below.)

Bottom Line

Couple all of those improvements with Razer Chroma support, and that awesome $39.99 price point, and the Goliathus Extended Chroma really is a killer mouse-mat. Hell a standard non-RGB mousemat of this size would likely set you back a good $20-30 anyway, so paying an extra $10 for the additional lighting and a premium build quality ala Razer in our eyes is totally worth it. 

Zak Storey
Zak Storey

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