Razer Makes "PC Gaming is Not Dead" Teaser Page

Razer, a maker of many PC gaming accessories, erected a cryptic teaser page at the domain PCGamingIsNotDead.com. There it promises to bring something special on August 26th for the gamer who cherishes the open system of the PC and has ill feelings towards shoddy console ports.

What could it be? Your guess is as good as ours. Maybe it's the triumphant return of the floppy drive.

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  • teaser
    Well....its not,pc gamers know that
  • Kryan
    agreed with above Ep 3 comment. the day it happens is the day I win the lottery. AND hell freezes over.

    BUT - could this have something to do with Deus Ex 3? same release date...and the game IS supposed to not simply be a port of the console version...DX11 and all that? Well, whatever happens on the 26.08.2011 ...it'll be my birthday! :D
  • dark4phoenix
    I think we have a better chance of seeing hell freezing over then to see Ep.3
  • Other Comments
  • teaser
    Well....its not,pc gamers know that
  • fightingslu
    i would love a nice CRT video terminal
  • soo-nah-mee
    Could the surprise release of Ep.3 be somehow sponsored by Razer?