Razer’s Colorful Raptor 27 Monitor Has a Flip-Top Head

Razer is one of a few companies getting into the monitor game here at CES 2019. And as you would imagine from the company, this is no half-measure monitor. It’s a 27-inch IPS 1440p panel with 420 nits of brightness, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a 4ms response time. The company also says the panel will cover 95 percent of the DCI-P3 color space.

But beyond the technical specs, this monitor goes above and beyond to support ease of use and a clean battle station. The entire panel lifts up 90 degrees, to give you easy front access to the monitor's rear ports, which include USB-C power delivery for mobile and low-power laptop charging.

Around back, Razer has included channels to route cables, and a company rep told us flat cables will come with the monitor in the box.

Also around back, Razer has covered the panel with cloth that both looks and feels good. And of course, this being Razer, there’s Chroma lighting in the base to bathe your peripherals in a soft RGB rainbow glow.

Razer says a FreeSync model will launch first, but that the company is working on an Nvidia G-Sync model to come at a later date. The Raptor is still in a prototype phase, so there's no word on price, but a company rep told us that they plan to unleash this monitor beast sometime in 2019.

Matt Safford

After a rough start with the Mattel Aquarius as a child, Matt built his first PC in the late 1990s and ventured into mild PC modding in the early 2000s. He’s spent the last 15 years covering emerging technology for Smithsonian, Popular Science, and Consumer Reports, while testing components and PCs for Computer Shopper, PCMag and Digital Trends.

  • SkyBill40
    Not bad looking at all and the flat cable runs are a nice touch. I'm just glad the Chroma wasn't overdone as it easily could have been given how RGB is so abhorrently prevalent. One has to wonder at the cost though and especially on the G-Sync model. $800+ wouldn't be all that surprising though if they want to be truly competitive with the others out there, it's going to need to come in somewhere less than that. I'm a RAZER fan and all that, but I just bought an HP Omen 27 not that long ago. They're rather late to the game as I see it and especially for my dollars.