Rosewill Showcases PSUs, Cases And More At CES 2016

We visited Rosewill's booth at CES 2016 and had the chance to check out its latest products. Most of them are already on the shelves with only the Gungnir case expected to be released in about a month from now. The Gungnir is a mid tower case supporting VGAs with up to 40cm length and liquid cooling kits with radiators with up to 28cm length. The side window panel features quick release latches and all I/O ports, along with the fan control switch, are located on the top of the case for easier access.

Rosewill has upgraded its monstrous capacity Hercules PSU, offering higher efficiency that meets the 80 Plus Gold requirements; the previous model was 80 Plus Silver certified. All of the other characteristics look to be the same and only through a product review we will be able to point out the actual differences between the older and the new platform, which lead to this efficiency upgrade.

The original equipment manufacturer of the Hercules-1600S is High Power (Sirtec), which also built the previous version of this PSU. The only downside of the new Hercules unit compared to the older version looks to be the packaging, which won't include the fancy aluminum case anymore; this was obviously removed in an effort to lower the price of the unit. 

Recently, Rosewill has been trying very hard to enter the household appliances market and has several interesting products in this category, including an induction cooker, a double wall kettle device, a pressure cooker and a slow cooker. While our focus is on interesting technology products, we all use household appliances, so it is interesting to see a hardware company trying its luck in this tough market.

According to our sources, Rosewill is also expanding to other markets beyond the U.S. So far, Rosewill products have been sold mostly on Newegg and Amazon, however the company is making an effort to enter the European market as well. It will be nice to see it go global since this will increase the competition in the chassis, PSU and peripheral products market, which will be benefit all consumers.

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware, covering Power Supplies. Follow us on Twitter @tomshardware, on Facebook and on Google+.

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • Sunderas
    Took their sweet time to jump in the Europe wagon...
  • eklipz330
    lol i got that water kettle.. guess they started selling it early as i got it 2 weeks back. can't complain for $30, boils quick, mostly stainless.
  • f-14
    why would you get into kitchen appliances unless it's for a pre patent of a future device that you can remotely control from your phone via home network or the internet while you are at work.