Samsung's New External DVD Drives are Thin

Ultrabooks are a big thing lately (or a little thing, depending on your point of view), but what makes them possible is sacrifice. One of the things that gets sacrificed is the optical drive, but some of us still need one occasionally. When we do buy an external optical drive, we also like when its appearance match our Ultrabook. Fortunately, Samsung is making just that device: the SE-218GN and SE-208GB optical drives.

These drives are about 14 mm thick, and built with materials that compliment the Samsung Ultrabooks. These slot-loading DVD writers are able to draw their power from a single USB 3.0 port, thanks to their low power consumption. In order to maintain this thin profile, Samsung has also placed the eject button for the drives on top of the unit rather than on the front. According to the manufacturer, front-placed buttons can be difficult to press on such a thin device.

No exact word on pricing or availability, though we expect these units to hit shelves not too long from now.

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  • gm0n3y
    I can't imagine needing an external DVD drive. My current desktop doesn't have one and I haven't had a single instance where I wish that it did. And it's 2+ years old now. In fact, I haven't used any physical media in years. Everything is available digitally now.
  • eklipz330
    the only thing ive ever used my dvd drive was for installing windows. that being said, case manufacturers should start giving buyers the option to buy drive-bayless cases, maybe shrink it down a bit, or make it water cooling friendly. just a thought.

    even better would be for drive manufacturers to build these with bluray compaaibility. if i ever want to get one, this would in my radar.
  • Cryio
    Has anyone used a DVD drive in the last 3 years at least?