Samsung Reveals Series 5 Hybrid PC, Series 7 AIO PC

Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC

  • Magnetic hinged keyboard
  • Thin & light as 9.0mm and 747g
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Innovative writing experience with S-Pen & S-Memo
  • Front (2M) & rear (8M) camera

Samsung Series 7 All-in-One PC

  • 10 finger multi-touch screen
  • Hand gesture control
  • Voice recognition
  • Premium metallic arch stand
  • Ultra slim display

Stay tuned for more about Samsung PC products as we spend time going hands-on.

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  • amk-aka-Phantom
    I wonder if the Hybrid PC can charge the tablet's battery from the dock like Asus Transformer does. Probably not, since it's magnetically hinged... ah well, still looks good.
  • del35
    Surely Apple will sue over the Metallic Arch Stand. Wasn't using metal for a monitor stand one of Apple's innovative magical inventions?
  • boiler1990
    This is a device worth looking forward to. The one thing I hate about my iPad is that it doesn't have an active digitizer for note-taking. The S-Pen is a great reason to buy this, since it works quite well on the Galaxy Note.