Sapphire Reveals A Cute RX 7600 GPU For Party Animals Fans

Sapphire RX 7600 Party Animals promo material
Well, that's playful enough. (Image credit: Sapphire)

At ChinaJoy 2023, AMD showcased a new, limited edition version of its midrange Radeon RX 7600, a GPU just short of making the list of best graphics cards. While it's unclear if the card will ever make it out of Chinese shores, it brings vibrancy to the PC hardware ecosystem (and the GPU market in particular) that's been somewhat lacking. In PC gaming hardware, "serious black" is the name of the design game. With Party Animals, however, Sapphire was serious enough about the partnership to let that color scheme go.

The playfully yellow card has the Party Animals personality splashed all over it, and the card even includes an exclusive skin for a Party Animals companion character, Nemo (the Part Animals rendition of a Corgi). But it's still a refreshing piece of hardware in a sea of black, white, and red color combinations available in the mainstream consumer market. If you don't get heart attacks from seeing the little dog paws sticking to your GPU, that is.

This piece of GPU and marketing engineering go hand in hand. Sapphire (via ITHome) showed it knows its target market by choosing a mainstream graphics card from a performance and price ($299) perspective. Party Animals being a Unity game, it'd be a waste to market an RX 7900 XT, no matter how wild that party would get. It's not the top of our performers in our GPU hierarchy, but it is a product in particular (and more high-volume) price/performance band.

As the multi-billion dollar gaming market expands, more and more humans will be hardware consumers, and some of those would be interested in graphics accelerators that didn't look like industrial pieces of machinery or military-stealth-based designs. There may be a market for these more eclectic colors, with all the Pantone fever periodically washing across the market.

Unfortunately, for now, it seems that more colorful and less serious hardware releases are almost the exclusive benefit of the Asian market in general, and China especially. Due to the culture and age of their target market, these products also usually present a more graphically-intensive design, with anime and manga characters frequently represented. The Sapphire Radeon RX 7600 Party Animals is one such card with a more subdued color scheme. It'd almost be a shame if it didn't reach our side of the globe.

Francisco Pires
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  • Lamarr the Strelok
    Aw, that's adorable.Price will be too high and that's assuming it'll come to the USA.It probably won't though.