Scythe Debuts Kaze Chrono Multifunctional Fan Controller

Fan controllers aren't the sexiest items, let's face it. But Scythe is doing its best to make things exciting with its latest offering, the Kaze Chrono. The Kaze Chrono is a multifunction fan controller that goes beyond controlling your fans, throwing in a couple of extra functions just for fun.


The device occupies an empty 5.25 inch drive bay, allowing you to control your fan speeds, as well as monitor the temperature of your machine. When it's not doing either of those, it displays the time.


The Kaze Chrono is capable of controlling up to four fans and employs both the 5 and 12 volt lanes to do so. There's also a '12 Volt Spin-up' that ensures all fans are spinning properly before spinning the fans at your manually set speed. "Power Speed Control" targets malfunctioning fans by looking for fans running at 0 RPM for more than 15 seconds and cutting power to that channel automatically.

Temperature is monitored via six temperature sensor cables that come with the Kaze Chrono. A warning alarm will sound if the cables measure a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius or 167 degrees Fahrenheit. The cables are capable of measuring up to 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The clock feature is powered by a Lithium battery and uses a 105 x 30 millimeter LCD.

Pricing is set at €27.50 and the Kaze Chonro is already available, though Scythe hasn't mentioned anything about pricing for the United States.

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