See2: Affordable dual-display, part II

Yesterday we reported about Maxivista, a software which can connect two monitors of networked computers and create a very affordable dual-display solution. A different approach with a similar result is See2 from Tritton Technologies. The firm said it will offer a USB 2.0-to-SVGA adapter, which basically ads a second monitor to your computer by using the USB port.

The device is scheduled to be available at Fry's retail stores as well as e-tailers such as in September for a suggested retail price of $99 and an estimated street price of about $90.

As Maxivista, See2 is intended to provide a second display to increase your screen size without having to buy a dual-head graphics card. For example, users are able to use a complete screen for their Photoshop application and placing palettes on a second screen along with notes or other application windows. The functionality is quite the same as a dual-head graphics card, but Maxivista and See2 are limited in data throughput - LAN speeds for Maxivista and USB 2.0 bandwidth for See2. For example, See2 will not display streaming video on a second display, according to Tritton Technologies.

More information is available on the firm's website.