SilverStone IceMyst Cools the Parts Other AiOs Cannot Reach

SilverStone IceMyst
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SilverStone Technologies is best known for its (compact) PC cases, and has several new models on show at Computex 2023. However, the firm is increasingly confident in its development of PC cooling products, and this has precipitated the eye-catching SilverStone IceMyst AiO.

At the time of writing SilverStone’s unusually formed IceMyst hasn’t arrived on its official product pages, but it is promised for a “grand reveal” at the current Computex show. We don’t have a lot of technical details to hand, but SilverStone says the IceMyst 360 is the beginning of a new series of AiOs.

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This new cooler is claimed to be a high-performance unit and SilverStone boasts that the new IceMyst offers “the ultimate cooling experience.” Furthermore, it targets high TDP processors.

From the images we have of the IceMyst, it appears to have a set of three LED lit fans attached to the central heatsink column. SilverStone says that these are useful for cooling motherboard components, and we can see one angled so it is partially above the RAM, the others may bring strong airflow to toasty chipsets, VRMs or SSDs. We think the fans can be positioned by the user, to suit system / motherboard and component layouts.

One last detail we have about the SilverStone IceMyst is that it is supposed to be “expandable,” so we might be able to add or remove fans as befits the PC system. Importantly, these fans aren’t replacing the AiO radiator - two liquid feed tubes extend out of shot so we don’t have a view of the radiator used for this design.

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Other new products at Computex featured by SilverStone include its Alta F2 premium super tower chassis. The design steps away from the norm by featuring a 90° rotated motherboard layout plus four rear-facing PCI slots at an 11.3° forward tilt. It is claimed this is good for large GPU installations and airflow efficiency. Further testament that this roomy case is ready for your largest ambitions is backed up by the fact that it is ready for multiple ATX PSU installations.

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For its compact PC fan base, SilverStone has the new Sugo 17. It isn’t the smallest SFF design, with its 23.5 liter capacity, but this allows the flexibility to use up to micro-ATX motherboards, ATX PSUs, and up to dual 360mm radiators. The Sugo 17 isn’t yet listed on the firm’s product pages, so we can’t compare it to the current Sugo 16.

(Image credit: SilverStone)

Lastly, SilverStone has some updated case designs which have updated layouts to accommodate motherboards with cabling connectors on the rear. If you are interested in following this route with your next build, look out for the ATX sized SilverStone C-541 and C-542, as well as the micro-ATX C-341.

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  • RichardtST
    IceMyst?! o.O
  • Geef
    Better than HorseDookey or another two word combo. ;)
  • thestryker
    Saw a video that had them in it and the system can be expanded and the fans rotated. As DDR5 clockspeeds rise and PCIe 5.0 M.2 become more common these could be extremely useful.
  • Albert.Thomas
    We gotta get this in for testing!
  • Frozoken
    I can vouch for the fans on the radiators. I have 4 of them as case fans 3 intakes, 1 exhaust and they singlehandedly dropped the temperatures of all my components by 5-~12°C at about 1200rpm
  • mwm2010
    Looks interesting, but the price could be high.