SilverStone's Mini-ITX Raven RVZ01 Pictured Again

While it's not the first time that we've seen SilverStone's Raven RVZ01 enclosure, it is always nice to see new images of upcoming hardware, especially unique hardware. SilverStone's Raven RVZ01 is one of those pieces. It is a flat-bed Mini-ITX enclosure that is capable of housing rather powerful hardware--- and makes efficient use of the space it has.

It is capable of housing a Mini-ITX motherboard, along with a full-size ATX power supply, short-dual slot graphics cards, and slightly longer water cooled or single slot cards. The graphics card is mounted with a PCIe riser, allowing the entire system to be fairly thin. Other things that can be installed include a handful of 3.5"/2.5" drives, as well as a slot-loading slim optical drive.

There was no word on pricing or an exact release date, but by the looks of things, it won't be too long until it hits shelves.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • robax91
    Is that an MSI 760 Mini is the last pic?
  • Ceee9
    at last more use of pcie extender whatever in cases
  • popatim
    It looks well thought out. I'm interested for my next HTPC build. :-)
  • bloodroses75
    Emailed them when they announced it last time. Awaiting for this case to be released so they can get my money and I can use it for my almost finished computer build. :)
  • ampy60
    If only it accommodated a full size graphics card. This is basically the layout I want that doesn't seem to be available anywhere else.
  • ubercake
    Some sacrifice the size of the power, others sacrifice the size of the GPU.

    I don't want to have to sacrifice either of those components, since the only reason I'd need a full-sized PSU is to power my full-sized GPU.

    PSU companies need to come up with a way to make a smaller 550W PSU with as close to 45A on the 12V rail for a Mini-ITX machine so we can drop a GTX 780 or an R9 290x in it and run a CPU with a higher power requirement such as a 4770K on a mini-itx platform.

    Imagine the possibilities in a mini-ITX setup if the PSUs were smaller or somehow external like a power brick?

    Would there be a need such a thing as a game console if we could do something like this?
  • bloodroses75
    @ampy60: From what I was told by Silverstone, this case will support full size graphic cards
  • quilciri
    It certainly looks like there is more space for a longer card above the HDD cage, I wouldn't be surprised if it can accommodate most dual-slot graphics cards, period. Seems like Silverstone saves the "Raven" moniker for the crazy-ass cases (I like the one with 3 180mm intake fans mounted on bottom.)
  • jupebobpete
    On their Facebook it is indicated that this will indeed hold full size graphics cards. Looking like a very nice option for a compact full power rig.
  • grokem
    Too bad they decided they needed to support legacy 3.5" and 5.25" drives.