Raven RV05 Brings Back 90-Degree Offset Mobo

Silverstone has announced a new enclosure that will be known as the Raven RV05, the new flagship case in the series.

The Raven RV05 takes some design cues from the original Raven RV01 in that the motherboard is rotated 90 degrees off from how we'd traditionally find it with the rear I/O of the motherboard facing upwards. Despite its more compact size, the case will still house ATX size motherboards. The more compact dimensions have been made possible through the removal of all of the 5.25-inch drives, which normally wouldn't get in the way all that much, but with a rotated motherboard design they certainly do. There is still a slim optical drive bay though, so unless you need the bays for water cooling gear, you won't be missing much. Graphics cards can be up to 12.3-inch long with CPU coolers up to 162 mm tall.

The case will also house two 3.5-inch drives along with another two 2.5-inch drives, which is enough for most people. Regarding cooling, the top of the case has room for a 120 mm fan. The bottom of the case can house either three 120 mm fans, two 130 mm fans, or you can simply keep the two pre-installed 180 mm air-penetrator fans. These fans are controllable, and can spin at speeds of 600, 900, or 1200 RPM, at which they'll make 17, 25, or 34 dBA of noise. Due to this fan's configuration, the case will have a positive pressure, which in combination with the fan filter below the pair of 180 mm fans, will dramatically reduce the dust intake.

Front I/O is handled by a pair of USB 3.0 ports along with the standard set of HD audio jacks.                                  

Availability is slated for July 3 around the globe, with pricing set at $118.23 for the US and €88.90 for Europe.

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  • RedJaron
    Very happy they're going back to the rotated mboard. And this is the way you should do cases with no external bays. Simply drop the space and make them smaller, lighter, without compromising airflow. I'm just wondering where the PSU gets mounted.
  • vmem
    My only interest in this is that it's a preview to the all aluminum FT05 :D
  • PennyLife
    They seem to keep making these cheaper and cheaper in build quality, aside from the excellent FT02 and FT03. I have an RV02, and on appearance alone I would not get this one.

    @RedJaron - The power supply gets mounted at the top-back of the case, mounted vertically. It pulls in air from the back (where you see the mesh in the back of the case), and exhausts it from the top.