Silverstone Unveils TD02-SLIM, TD03-SLIM Coolers For SFF PCs

Two years ago, Silverstone introduced the TD02 and TD03 closed loop CPU coolers to its Tundra lineup. Now the company is returning to the two models with slimmer versions, appropriately called the TD02-SLIM and TD03-SLIM, meant for small form factor PCs.

The TD02-SLIM features two 120 mm fans, with the radiator measuring at 273 x 120 x 22 mm (LWD), which is 5 mm thinner in depth compared to its older brother. As for the water block, it measures 65 x 65 x 39.5 mm (LWH). The overall thickness of the radiator and fan combined comes to 37 mm, a 15 mm difference compared to the regular TD02.

Unlike the TD02-SLIM, the TD03-SLIM only has one 120 mm fan. The radiator measures 153 x 120 x 22 mm (LWH), and the pump has the same dimensions as the TD02-SLIM. Compared to the TD03, the TD03-SLIM is also 15 mm thinner.

Both coolers include a blue LED indicator and work with LGA sockets 775, 115X, 1366, 2011 and 2011-v3, and AMD sockets AM2, AM3, FM1 and FM2. The TD02-SLIM will cost $95.88 and the TD03-SLIM costs $73.08. Both will be available on September 22.

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  • SchizoFrog
    These look very nice but I hate these promo images. We need to see the power cables too otherwise it is so misleading.
  • mrchips1
    Will this fit in the Temjin TJ10 case? My case has an opening on the top for two 120mm fans. Will the radiator fit nicely in this opening?