Sinox gives us locks galore to protect against dodgy hacks

In the midst of the motherboard and graphics card carnage in Hall 2 we came across Sinox, self-professed and ever humble makers of fine locks for Ipods, notebooks and other such paraphernalia that can tend to grow legs at such events.

Coming in all shapes and sizes we found locks for notebooks, locks for VGA ports and also a lock for an Ipod case and a Playstation Portable. With half the stuff at Computex tied down like this it was nice to get a close up look at the combination and key locks without having a burly but nimble security guard come up to clobber us from behind. Besides, we needed something to tie down our three Asus notebooks on the booth, or else there is likely to be a funny waddle of a high-speed chase through the halls as someone tries to make off with one notebook and finds himself with the other two attached and one of our chairs.

Between the cabling and the locks themselves one can tie down monitors to desktops, and even lock the screws on your case to make sure none of the internal components go on a scenic walkabout. However the most useful locks in every day use would probably be those on Ipod's and PSP's - exactly the sort of things you need locked down. The locks come in all shapes, sizes and, we're told, colours.

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