Sony launches 2 GByte mini harddrive

New York (NY) - A one" external harddrive extends Sony's "Micro Vault" personal storage line.

The mini harddrive solution does not bear any surprises and is about what you would expect from a Sony device: An elegant design with a premium price.

The brushed-metal casing of the "Micro Vault Pro" is about the footprint of a business card and houses a one" harddrive with 2 GByte storage capacity. The intuitive part is a swivel USB 2.0 interface that swings out to plug into a PC's USB port and then folds back to be "hidden" inside the device. The drive comes standard with a data synchronization software, which can sync data between the drive and a PC.

Sony said that it will begin selling the 2 GByte Micro Vault Pro in July for $250.