Streacom DA2 V2: Updated to Support RTX 30 Series Cards

(Image credit: Streacom)

There are plenty of mini-ITX chassis on the market today and they all come in various shapes and sizes. But the DA2 from Streacom, which launched in 2018, offered a lot of cool options you don't see in mainstream cases, even by 2020 standards. The entire chassis is made out of aluminum, giving it a gorgeous aesthetic that works in any environment, and the case is fully customizable, featuring a fully modular design that allows you to place your power supply, SSDs, hard drives, and AIO water cooler anywhere you want basically. 

Streacom has updated its DA2 ITX chassis with a V2 revision, this new variant features several qualtiy of life updates, with the primary modifications to allow RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Founders Edition cards to seamlessly work inside the case. One of these modifications includes the capability to mount your PSU horizontally with the fan facing downwards towards the front of the case. This allows an RTX 3080 Founders Edition's rear pull fan to act as an intake for the PSU. It's a great idea as the case lacks front ventilation.

Perhaps the biggest modification to the DA2 V2 is its ability to vertically mount a graphics card within the chassis. The modification entails removing the rear panel of the case (that houses mounts for an exhaust fan), and installing the vertical mount which includes a new rear panel. This modification allows triple-slot graphics cards to be installed within the system, specifically the RTX 3090 Founders Edition with its triple slot cooler design. But of course, any triple-slot graphics card can be supported. But the Founders Edition will probably be a better choice as the rear fan, in this orientation, will still be able to feed your PSU air.

Overall, the case design is superb. You are in full control of what you want to put in your system and where it can go. Want to focus on AIO cooling? No problem, you can stuff a normally sized 240mm radiator in the side. Want to focus on lots of storage? Grab an air cooler, SFX PSU, and 4-5 SSDs or 2.5' hard drives and you're set. Or do you want to fit a large graphics card in the system? Grab an SFX PSU, low profile CPU cooler, and the vertical GPU mount and you'll be on your way.

Streacom says the DA2 V2 will be available with select retailers around the second week of October and by the end of November for all retailers to have the product in stock. No word on pricing yet, but expect the chassis to be just as expensive as the previous DA2 which started out at $219.

Aaron Klotz
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