Superhot Creators Are Giving Away 2 Million Copies of Their New Game

Superhot debuted in 2016 after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign to gather funding as an indie game studio. Since then, the team behind the unique shooter brought out a VR version of the game with all-new content, and now it's coming out with Superhot: Mind Control Delete. To celebrate its third game, Polish indie studio Superhot Team is giving away over 2 million copies of this new game to supporters of their first title. Hint: Even if you only bought Superhot  recently, this includes you!

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is the third title from the studio and was originally set to be an expansion of the first game. However, as it grew over its three-year development, the creators figured that it would work better as a standalone title. And given that it's been around 4 years since they outed a title that didn't require looking for the best VR headset, we can understand this decision.

The creators say that Superhot: Mind Control Delete is a much bigger game than the original, with more mechanics, characters and powers than ever. They also claim that the game is much more polished, thanks to years of help from the community through their early-access program.

How to Get Superhot: Mind Control Delete for Free

The best part is, to be considered a supporter of the original title (aka eligible for the free copy of Superhot Mind: Control Delete), you need to have purchased it before July 16, 2020 -- so you still have seven days to jump on this deal.

Why July 16, exactly one week from now, you ask? Well, because Superhot: Mind Control Delete is coming out that day.

Anyone who owns Superhot in time on Steam, GOG, EGS or on PlayStation 4 will automatically receive the new title in their library, provided they didn't win the game in a giveaway. Xbox One owners will receive a system message with a voucher, and anyone who obtained the game through another store will have to email the developers to request their license. 

In a time where many game studios take every chance to make you open your pockets to line their wallets, this should be a popular move.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.