Swiftech Supports AMD Threadripper Sockets With TR4 Mounting Kit

Swiftech sent word that it, too, has developed a new mounting bracket for AMD’s HEDT Threadripper processor. The upgraded bracket can be used with the following Swiftech products:

  • Apogee XL2 waterblock
  • Apogee XL waterblock
  • Apogee Drive II (Any Model)
  • H140 X AIO cooling kit
  • H220 X AIO cooling kit
  • H240 X AIO cooling kit
  • H220 X2 AIO cooling kit
  • H220 X2 Prestige AIO cooling kit
  • H240 X2 AIO cooling kit
  • H240 X2 Prestige AIO cooling kit
  • H320 X2 AIO cooling kit
  • H320 X2 Prestige AIO cooling kit

This upgraded mounting bracket is designed in such a way that it’s also compatible with previous AM2/AM3/AM4 and legacy AMD sockets.

Currently, AMD includes a TR4-ready mounting bracket with its Threadripper processor that fits any Asetek-built all-in-one cooler. Because of that, the mounting bracket supplied by AMD covers products from a variety of AIO cooler manufacturers such as Thermaltake, EVGA, Corsair, and Fractal Design to name a few. Other companies, such as Cooler Master and Alphacool, have turned to custom designed mounting brackets for their products. Enermax took it one step further by developing a water pump with a cold plate that completely covers the processor’s integrated heat spreader.

Even though Swiftech is technically just announcing a mounting bracket upgrade kit for AMD’s Threadripper, it should be noted that all the company’s water blocks are built using a 60 x 60mm copper cold plate that covers the majority of the Treadripper’s 68 x 51mm integrated heat spreader.

Swiftech’s mounting bracket upgrade kit is available now for $9 from the company website.  

  • BulkZerker
    Glad someone makes a coldplate "big enough" for thread ripper
  • Bsquared
    Surprised and disappointed that only Enermax has had the forethought to release or even announce an AIO with a pump and cold plate large enough to completely cover the processor's heat spreader. The new Enermax AIO is clearly worth a second look.
  • Nintendork
    Threadripper really needs dedicated new copper plates from the liquid makers that covers the whole socket for best heat dissipation (easy thx to the huge die).
  • Nintendork
    YA, Enermax is the only option to cool TR the is supposed to be done, everyone with with patches (that's not bad on itself, but at least release/announce new kits dedicated to TR).

    Intel is an afterthought, focus your efforts on AMD's waifu.
  • JakeWearingKhakis
    I have the Swiftech Apogee XL2 for my FX-8350. Keeps it as cool as it needs to be no matter what OC. Good company! I had a leak in my first one, and they replaced it within a couple days of reporting it. Luckily I found the leak before anything crazy happened. Mine is the one in the 2nd picture.

    I feel like everyone else here though... Enermax did it right and I wouldn't put a cold plate that doesn't fit the entire area of Threadripper even if they guaranteed it would work fine. It doesn't seem smart.
  • gggplaya
    Swiftech can do it because their pump is a real pump mounted to the radiator, not on the CPU block. They can make the water block as big as they want.