Cooler Master Supports Socket TR4 With New Bracket

Cooler Master announced a new mounting kit for its line of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers that supports AMD’s massive 4,094-pin Ryzen Threadripper processor.

Cooler Master stated that its coolers already support the following sockets:

Intel: 7751150115111551156136620112011-v3AMD: AM4AM2AM2+AM3AM3+FM1FM2FM2+

The new mounting kit will be included with the company’s MasterLiquid line of of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers.

The company was kind enough to send us a photo of the replacement bracket and, as you can see, it’s a fairly straightforward design. The bracket attaches directly to the base of the pump assembly via screws.

The new mounting kit supports the following Cooler Master all-in-one cooler models:

  • MasterLiquid 120
  • MasterLiquid 240
  • MasterLiquid Lite 120

Upgrade kits for the following all-in-one cooler models are “coming soon.”

  • MasterLiquid ML120L RGB
  • MasterLiquid ML240L RGB
  • MasterLiquid Lite 240

Good news for those of you who already own one of the products listed above, Cooler Master will ship you a new TR4 bracket for free. You just have to pay for shipping. Based on this, and other recent announcements, we expect more cooling vendors to announce TR4 upgrade kits in the near future.

The aforementioned all-in-one CPU liquid coolers are available now with prices that range from $67 to $88.

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Cooler MasterMasterLiquid 120MasterLiquid 240MasterLiquid Lite 120
Dimensions(L x W x H)157 x 119.6 x 27mm277 x 119.6 x 27mm62 x 62 x 36.4mm
Fan Speed650 - 2000 RPM650 - 2000 RPM650 - 2000 RPM
Fan Voltage12V DC12V DC12V DC
Max Airflow66.7 CFM66.7 CFM66.7 CFM
Fan Noise15dBA15dBA6 - 30dBA
Pump MTTF70,000 Hours70,000 Hours70,000 Hours
Pump Voltage12V DC12v DC12V DC
Pump Connector4-pin4-pin4-pin
  • falchard
    The problem with these coolers is how they dissipate heat on Thread Ripper. The CPU really requires it's own cooler design.
  • daglesj
    Issue appears to be the chip has a very flat surface but a lot of AIO/Cooler plates are very convex/concave (which works better with other chips). The size of the plate is okay it's just a case of standard mounts and plates do not provide the contact required.