Swiftech Finally Ships Full-Cover R9 Fury X Water Block

We just saw the paper launch of the AMD Radeon R9 Nano, but that doesn't mean that manufacturers have forgotten about the R9 Fury X. This time around, the folks over at Swiftech unveiled their Komodo R9 FuryX ECO, the company's first and only water block for the AMD R9 Fury X.

The manufacturer claimed that the block is the sexiest product that it's created thus far, and it follows the standard recipe for a full-cover water block. At the center of the block is a micro-fin array, through which all the fluid is pushed to cool the GPU and HBM memory. The block also covers the VRM circuitry, although like all other blocks, it does that without a microchannel structure because the VRM circuits don't need as much cooling.

One thing that we particularly like about this block is that it comes with pre-applied thermal pads, which saves you the time you would otherwise have needed to cut these out and apply them, which can be a rather tedious process.

The cooling plate is made from a piece of CNC-cut copper, which is then chrome-plated. To cover the block, Swiftech CNC-cut a huge acrylic piece, too, which spans the surface of the cooling plate to ensure that the entire graphics card is covered.

To really cover the entire card, Swiftech also built a backplate out of aluminum, and anodized it in black.

Pricing for the water block sits at $115.50, and the backplate will set you back an additional $29.95. Both are available immediately directly from Swiftech.

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