Thermaltake Reveals Matcha Green Products, CTE Series at Computex

Thermaltake new products
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Thermaltake has an expansive display at Computex, and as you might expect it is laden with cases, cooling products, and more. Our staff at the show thought the firm's selection of matcha green products were particularly appealing. Another highlight was the new CTE line, with CTE short for 'Centralized Thermal Efficiency'.

As Thermaltake celebrates 24 years in the PC industry, it has decided to expand its colorway options with matcha green. Quite a wide range of products are going to be available in this finish, with Thermaltake showcasing the following:

  • The Ceres 300 TG ARGB Mid Tower Chassis,
  • The Tower 200 Mini Chassis,
  • The TH280 V2 ARGB Sync All-In-One Liquid Cooler,
  • The SWAFAN EX12/14,
  • The ARGENT E700 Real Leather Gaming Chair,
  • And more.

Matcha is a finely ground powder tea, but for some reason the characteristic green color is increasingly amongst tech product livery. We have previously seen matcha green keyboards from Ducky, and matcha keycaps from the likes of Epomaker, but Thermaltake is admirably bold in introducing matcha colorways to so many PC products.

Moving on to ponder over the new CTE products, and we looked closely at the CTE C700 TG ARGB Snow edition. This is a large case suitable for flagship component builds, aided by the dual chamber design and support for AiOs up to 420mm front and back.

(Image credit: Future)

Demonstrating its rather capable capacity, the model pictured was fitted with a Raptor Lake CPU and RTX 4090, both cooled by a stunning Pacific liquid cooling system.

Last but not least we were grasped by the Pacific FT3 LCS Dashboard. This is a 3-in-1 monitor for coolant pressure and temperature, plus chassis temperature. It can be fitted at any 120mm fan mounting point and works alongside TT RGB Plus 2.0 backlight controls.

(Image credit: Future)

Also at the Thermaltake Computex booth were areas to showcase various coolers, PSUs, and PC peripherals. Thermaltake has a dedicated Computex 2023 page available for those who wish to dig deeper.

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  • MiniITXEconomy
    I was hoping to see more about The Tower 200, as I do love a gorgeous mini ITX/ATX case.
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    As I went walking down the street one day, a man came right up to me and said, “does anybody really know about RGB? Does anyone really care?”