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Complete Your Build With Thermaltake RGB Liquid Cooling Fittings

You’ve just built your dream machine, and everything on it is RGB-lit, including the motherboard, graphics card, various bits of case lighting, and water blocks. It’s beautiful, but you’re a bit disgruntled that the part that cost you most effort, the hard PETG tubes to route the custom water cooling, look dull in comparison to the rest of your system. Well, be sad no more, because Thermaltake just announced the Pacific RGB G1/4” Liquid Cooling Fittings.

A Thermaltake RGB fitting uses the industry-standard G1/4” threading, so chances are that they’ll fit right onto your water blocks. They’re built for hard PETG tubing with inner/outer diameters of 12/16mm, so they won’t work with soft flexible tubing. If you don’t have any experience with bending hard PETG tubing, you may want to work on that first. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks.

The fittings have a circular 256-color LED that lights up the PETG tube itself, and not the fluid inside. You could opt to be economical and use one fitting per stretch of tubing, but if you use an RGB fitting on each end of the tube, you’ll get the best light uniformity. Using the controller, you can choose from 256-color cycling and single-color mode, and you can switch between three different brightness levels.

Right now, the fittings come only in pack of sixs with a controller, and only in a black version with a gold Thermaltake logo. The kits are available immediately directly from Thermaltake for $79.99.