Thermaltake Unveils Toughpower Gold Series PSUs

Thermaltake has announced a number of new power supplies, all part of the Toughpower Gold series.

The units will be known as the Toughpower Gold 550W, 650W, and 750W, the names of which clearly indicate the power envelopes.

As the name also indicates, the units all carry 80-Plus Gold certification. With real-world loads, the units are said to perform between 87 and 92 percent efficient. Cooling of the units is taken care of by a 140 mm fan that is rated at just 18 dBA of noise.

The units are built by CWT, and are built with high-quality Japanese capacitors for better reliability and a longer lifetime.  They also have a semi-modular cable design, where the most crucial cables are attached, with the remaining cables being modular.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • mapesdhs
    How do these differ to the tried & trusted Thermaltake Toughpower and ToughpowerAP series? (I have loads of them) The old models already worked very well. Whathas been improved? The modularity sounds the same.Biggest problem with Thermaltake atm is the difficulty in obtaining the top-endmodels, inparticular the 1475W XT (thanks to the coin mining craze). Thermaltaketold me that availability to the European market would be very low for, "weeks,if not months."Ian.
  • falchard
    I always feel Thermaltake is a cheap and faulty product if you are not spending top dollar on them. I have owned ALOT of Thermaltake cases and the cases were awesome, I feel I got my money's worth with them. However, the cheap low bin fans they put on them is abysmal. I have had over a 50% fail rate on Thermaltake fans which is quite alarming and steers me clear of any Thermaltake product that moves.On the other hand I also have a Thermaltake Grand PSU which is their top bin, and I find the fan has not crapped out yet which is a good sign as it has been a few years.
  • masmotors
    still using a tr2 500 watt for my 2nd pc been running for 3 years something like that never had a problem would try the 750 if i ever plan on cfx or sli
  • mapesdhs
    falchard writes:
    > I always feel Thermaltake is a cheap and faulty product if you are not
    > spending top dollar on them. ...

    Maybe a different company makes their low end PSUs? I don't know. All I can
    say is I've used more than two dozen different Toughpower units, most from
    2nd-hand sources, never had a single problem. Don't know about their fans
    as I've never obtained any of their cases.For anyone on a budget build though,
    a used Toughpower is a good buy IMO.I won a 1kW unit 18 months ago for
    60 UKP, still going strong.