New Thermaltake ToughRAM Z-One Memory Arrives Without the Bling

Thermaltake ToughRAM Z-One (Image credit: Thermaltake)

Thermaltake has released a RGB-free variant of its ToughRAM Z-One memory, which is becoming increasingly rare in this day and age. However, the new RAM kits will certainly please enthusiasts that prefer a more subtle and sleek look. 

Somewhat confusingly, the new memory kits carry the same name as their RGB counterparts. The brushed aluminum heat spreader is still present on the new memory modules sans the RGB lighting. If you're buying new RAM and considering ToughRAM Z-One, be sure to pay close attention to the product images.

Currently, Thermaltake is only offering the ToughRAM Z-One in dual-channel 16GB (2x 8GB) configurations. There are two memory speeds available. The DDR4-3200 and DDR4-3600 RAM  kits come with a CAS latency of 15 and 18, respectively. They run at the aforementioned speeds with an operating voltage of 1.35V. Unfortunately, Thermaltake didn't reveal the memory kits' other timings.


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Product NumberFrequencyCapacityCAS LatencyOperating Voltage
R010D408GX2-3600C18ADDR4-360016GB (2x8 GB)181.35V
R010D408GX2-3200C16ADDR4-320016GB (2x 8GB)151.35V

According to the manufacturer, the ToughRAM Z-One memory kits are compatible with Intel's X299, 300-, 200-and 100-series motherboards. On the AMD side, the kits work fine on the X570 platform. The memory modules come with XMP 2.0 so you can take advantage of the feature on the compatible platforms.

Thermaltake includes the ToughRAM software for users to monitor the memory's temperature, frequency and performance in real-time. The vendor backs ToughRAM Z-One memory kits with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Thermaltake hasn't revealed the pricing for the new ToughRAM Z-One memory kits, but the RGB versions currently start at $99.99

Zhiye Liu
RAM Reviewer and News Editor

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  • johnphilips
    They can't compete with the others using these speeds and latencies. Bad move, in my opinion.
  • NightHawkRMX
    A decent kit of G.skill Ripjaws 2x8GB DDR4 3600mhz CL18 will run you like $20-25 less depending on the day.

    Same exact performance and neither has RGB. Why should the Thermaltake ram cost much more?
  • Questors
    Which company did thermalfake cozy up to and back stab to get the documents to make these? It is their thing. Yet another sub-par thermalstolen product I won't buy or use. I would write a note in the dirt to remember something before I would buy RAM with that name on it.