Thrustmaster Announces Limited Edition TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition For Xbox One, PC

Funny that on a day when we published hands on coverage of a racing wheel that supports the Xbox One, there's suddenly another on the market. To celebrate the release of Forza Motorsport 6 from Turn 10 Studios, Thrustmaster revealed an upcoming limited edition bundle compatible with Microsoft's current game console. The TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition will feature the TX Racing Wheel Servo Base, TM Leather 28 GT Wheel and T3PA 3-pedal set. 

TX Racing Wheel Servo Base

Thrustmaster's TX Racing Wheel Servo Base is compatible with Xbox One and PC and features an industrial-class brushless motor used for reactive force feedback, and it's reinforced by a dual-belt mechanism that the company said enhances smoothness of the wheel rotation.

The TX Racing Wheel Servo Base features Thrustmater's HallEffect AccuRate Technology (H.E.A.R.T), which uses contactless magnetic sensors for wear-resistant precision. The company said the steering axis is tracked with 16-bit resolution around the 900-degree rotation, which should translate into very accurate steering precision.

The company said the base will work with all versions of Windows from XP through Win10, with drivers available from the company's website.

TH Leather 28 GT Wheel

The wheel that Thrustmaster includes in the bundle is the TH Leather 28 GT Wheel. This is a detachable, leather stitched 11-inch GT design wheel. There are six action buttons on the face of the wheel, along with a directional pad and rotary switch. Two metal paddle shifters can be found directly behind the wheel and are used for shifting.

T3PA 3-Pedal Set

To round out the bundle, Thrustmaster has included the T3PA 3-pedal set. These pedals feature metal faceplates and full metal internal construction. The faces of the pedals can be adjusted from right to left, and the gas pedal can be moved up slightly as well.

Thrustmaster said that the mounting mechanism for this wheel is shared among the company's other racing wheels, making it possible to use other wheels with this base. Optional Ferrari F1, Ferrari GTE, and 599XX EV0 30 wheels will also work with this set. There is also an optional T3PA-Pro upgraded pedal set available, as well as the TH8A gearbox set needed to make use of the clutch pedal.

The TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition bundle will be available in late September for a suggested price of £399.99. The retail price for the U.S. has not yet been revealed.

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