Overclockers UK Launch £33,000 Custom Liquid-Cooled Twin System PC

Today Overclocker’s UK has announced the launch of its latest update to the Orion X hyper-premium custom PC. Complete with bespoke milled acrylic flow plates, two separate systems, and a spec list longer than your arm. This true beast of a machine comes packed with some of the latest and greatest hardware out there, all of which is then hand built and custom overclocked, by Ian “8Pack” Parry, ex world record holding overclocker and system builder.

So what does £33,000 get you in the realm of high end system integrators? Well for starters the whole thing comes shipped in Phantek’s Enthoo Elite chassis. This super tower, packs in enough space for dual systems, a whole slew of radiators and fans, twin PSUs and custom milled acrylic flow plates/reservoirs. The system itself is comprised of three separate water-cooled loops, one for the primary rig’s CPU and NVMe drives, featuring a 480mm rad and a 360mm rad alone, another for the graphics cards, and finally one for the ITX system tucked away below. All of which are fed by separate pumps, and custom milled reservoirs located in the front of the case.

As for performance. The main system houses an Intel Core i9-7980XE (18 cores, 36 threads) overclocked to 4.6 GHz, an Asus X299 Rampage 6 Extreme Omega motherboard, 128GB (8x16GB) of 8Pack 3200 MHz Memory, twin RTX Titan GPUs (although you can have a third as an optional extra), 2x 2TB Samsung 970 Evo SSD, and a 14TB hard drive as well. The secondary system, features an overclocked Intel Core i7-9700K at 5.1 GHz, 16GB of 8Pack DDR4 at 4000 MT/s, another Nvidia Titan RTX (Or an RTX 2080 Ti is available), another two Samsung 970 Evo 2TB PCIe SSDs, followed by a further 14TB HDD, all sitting snugly in Asus’s Z390-I ROG Strix Gaming motherboard. Both systems are powered by a custom 2000W Super Flower Leadex, “8Pack” Edition Platinum PSU.

Fully specced out, the entire system comes to £35,679.97 ($46,684 USD)

Zak Storey

As Associate Editor of Tom's Hardware's prestigous British division, Zak specializes in system building, case reviews and peripherals, and has a particular penchant for liquid-cooling. He's also a lover of all things Viking/Scandinavian (thus the poor attempt at a beard).