WD Black SN850 (1TB) SSD Now $109, An All-Time Low

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In honor of Labor Day in the U.S., Amazon has a deal on an SSD that works faster than most people. Normally, $129, the WD Black SN850 (1TB) is now available for $109, which matches an all-time low price from mid-July. This version of the popular NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD comes with a heatsink onboard, making it ideal as an upgrade for a PS5. 

The WD Black SN850 boasts sequential read and write speeds of 7000 / 5300 MBps respectively. When we did our WD Black SN850 review , the drive hung with the popular Samsung 980 PRO, beating it on some benchmarks and coming in just behind on others.

WD_Black SN850 (1TB) NVMe SSD: was $129, now $109 at Amazon

WD_Black SN850 (1TB) NVMe SSD: was $129, now $109 at Amazon
Perfect for a PS5 upgrade (or your PC), thanks to its heatsink, this PCIe 4.0 SSD boasts rated read and write speeds of 7,000 and 5,300 MBps.

On DiskBench, a synthetic storage test that involves copying 100GB of data, the WD Black SN850 moved our set of 22,579 files at a speed of 1,522 MBps. That was slightly ahead of Samsung's drive and way ahead of the PCIe 3.0 drives we compared it to.

WD Black SN850 Test Results

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Another big plus point for the WD Black SN850 is that this model comes with a heatsink that makes it ideal for use in Sony's PlayStation 5 games console. The PS5 has a very enclosed internal storage expansion slot and there is a possibility of thermal throttling due to overheating because of this. The heatsink included with the SN850 negates this issue. 

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  • Nine Layer Nige
    Scan.co.uk are currently selling this SSD with heatsink for £104.99 with free delivery. Today only deal.
  • escksu
    USD109.... This is basically to tell you don't waste your time with QLC SSD.... Crucial selling their QLC P3 PLus for $89. This is just $20 more...
  • DotNetMaster777
    Looks like a good deal for SSD or not ? ? ? ?