WD Easystore 12TB External HDD $100 off, now $179

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The WD 12TB Easystore enclosure comes with a beefy 7200-RPM 12TB drive, but only retails for a mere $179.99 during Best Buy's Black Friday sale

It's a time-honored tradition among enthusiasts: Buy a cheap external drive with an enclosure at a great price, then "shuck" the drive by prying it out of the enclosure. That leaves you with a speedy and capacious drive at a fraction of the price you would normally pay. 

WD Easystore 12TB External HDD: was $279, now $179 @ Best Buy

WD Easystore 12TB External HDD: was $279, now $179 @ Best Buy
You can grab a speedy 12TB of 7,200-RPM HDD storage right now for a mere $179, which is far less than what you would pay for the drive inside if bought separately. 

However, with most external drive enclsures you can find out which drive the vendor uses, but WD uses white-label drives of varying types for this enclosure, so there's no real telling what lies beneath the sleek black enclosure. 

In either case, most of WD's 12TB drives of this class retail for $250 or more, so its a safe bet that you're getting a good deal on the capacity inside the Easystore enclosure. If you use it as intended, you merely connect the enclosure to your computer via a standard USB 3.0 connection and enjoy up to 5Gbps of throughput. 

WD backs the drive with a two-year warranty and it comes with WD drive utilities and backup software. 

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