WD's Huge 5TB Easystore Portable Hard Drive is now under $100

WD Easystore 5TB
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As 4K video becomes a norm and games with over an eye-watering 100GB in capacity are just the standard now, more storage is becoming a necessity that can run you back hundreds of dollars. But, what if I told you that you could store 5TB for under $100?

That's what WD's latest external HDD deal is offering. Right now over on Best Buy, you can snag the 5TB Easystore portable HDD for just $99.99, which is $80 off its usual listing price.

WD Easystore 5TB Portable HDD: was $179.99, now $99.99 @ Best Buy

WD Easystore 5TB Portable HDD: was $179.99, now $99.99 @ Best Buy
A massive amount of portable storage for under a hundred bucks, WD's Easystore offers decently fast data transfer via the USB 3.0 interface and 5400RPM drive speed, alongside compatibility across both PC and Mac (and games consoles too).

With a USB 3.0 interface and a 5400RPM drive, it's not as fast as the best SSDs, and of course, one of the key problems with a portable HDD is the reliability of carrying around something mechanical.

But luckily, the drive comes with a two-year warranty to cover the essentials, plus it also has WD's excellent drive utilities suite. 5TB is also far more capacity than you'll find on a similarly priced SSD, so don't let the speed or moving parts take away from how good of a deal this is.

It may not be the best external drive available right now — for that, you'll have to pay more and splash out on an SSD for its speed and longevity. But if you want a ton of storage on-the-go for cheap, nothing quite matches the bang for your buck of this offer.

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  • velocityg4
    Pretty good price. Can't wait until 14TB drives are under $150. I'd like to get all my internal and external drives concentrated to one internal and one backup on my media server.
  • mdd1963
    Darn good price...! (Makes me wish I needed one!)