Microsoft and Razer May Bring Keyboard and Mouse to Xbox

Microsoft may be looking to blur the line between PC and console gaming. Window Central reports that Microsoft and Razer are working on bringing keyboard and mouse support to Xbox One, which could provide far more accuracy in some games, and allow players to use whatever control scheme they prefer.

The website got its hands on a presentation from Microsoft featuring some comments from Razer. The slideshow includes the ability to use Razer's Chroma lighting. Mice on Xbox One would require support for up to five buttons, wheel movement, and anything else you'd expect from a PC. All games would still require full support for gamepads.

Microsoft's notes also point out keyboards and mice could affect balance on multiplayer games. And while it would be up to developers, it's "highly suggested" that a mouse and keyboard setup be considered as part of matchmaking rules, as games can detect what controls are being used.

The presentation also suggests that any USB mice supported by a Windows PC would work on Xbox, including those with wireless dongles. However, there is no planned support for Bluetooth or mice with custom drivers.

Of course, just because these meetings are taking place doesn't mean that keyboard and mice will definitely come to Xbox in the near future, but it would make it easier for gamers to easily jump between the two platforms. We also don't know if Razer or Microsoft plans to produce new hardware as part of the reported partnership.

Sony's PlayStation 4 does allow for keyboards and mice in the settings, though it's mostly for web browsing and navigating menus. Some gamers use workarounds like XIM keyboard adapters on both PS4 and Xbox One (especially for competitive shooters like Overwatch and Fortnite), though if Microsoft's vision comes true, those workarounds won't be necessary on the latter console.

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  • jaber2
    Are there any PS, XBOX or Nintendo exclusive games that I can't play on my PC? I don't think I ever thought "Hey I want to play that game but I can't since its exclusively on console
  • jimboraver77
    actually i think this would be a great idea, i've spent alot of money on my pc, and sometimes i do wonder if its really worth all that extra cash over a xbox one or one x, i mean i pretty much just browse the net and play a few games. Could i really tell the difference in gfx quality if it wasnt a side by side comparison ??? I'm not so sure i could. I use an xbox controller for certain games on the PC anyway (rocket league, Fifa etc) but wouldn't dream of playing (Cod, Bf..., Pubg) with a controller. Hmmmm definitely something to think about, what do you guys and girls think ?
  • fonzy
    I would much rather see them turn the Xbox into a fully functional Gaming PC/Xbox. It doesn't have to be up-gradable except maybe the storage. I would definitely pay more for it.

    Rumor is they are going to have 3 different versions of the Xbox next gen, which IMO is a very bad idea.