Hyte shows off new coolers, lighting, internal USB header, promises RGB and fan control of anything plugged into motherboard headers

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Hyte is pretty new to the cooling space, but the company came out of the gate swinging with its impressive THICC Q60 240mm AIO liquid cooler, which was unveiled at last year's Computex and dropped earlier this year. The brand is back at Computex 2024 with two new coolers: the THICC Q80 Trio, a triple-fan, 360mm version of the Q60; and the THICC P60 Duo, a slimmer and more affordable 240mm AIO that Hyte promises will offer the "same exceptional performance" as its thicker, pricier counterpart. 

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Hyte says the THICC Q80 Trio is the "most THICC, cool, quiet, and intelligent AIO ever made." This 360mm AIO is 52mm thick (or, I suppose... THICC), and features Hyte's new 32mm THICC FP12 Trio fans (also announced at the show). The fans feature the same fiberglass-reinforced liquid crystal polymer blades as their predecessors (rated at 105.8 CFM for airflow and 8.14 mm-H20 static pressure), but are now built into a single frame (triple or double) and have omnidirectional aesthetics for "uninterrupted visual flow." They are the same thickness as their predecessors, however, so, like the Q60, the Q80 Trio will be a whopping 84mm thick (and 360mm long). 

The THICC Q80 Trio comes with a 5-inch HD display, which can display everything from system metrics to custom animations and videos, as well as a 42-pixel qRGB array so you can also fill your case with bright, diffused RGB lighting. The display, lighting, and cooler's performance are configurable via Hyte's Nexus software, which the company says will soon be able to integrate directly with motherboard PWM and ARGB headers (so you'll be able to control the fans/RGB of anything plugged into said headers). 

The THICC Q80 Trio will come in both black and white colorways, and will be available in August 2024.

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If you like the idea of the THICC Q60 but not the $300 price tag, the THICC P60 Duo is Hyte's answer to your problems: a sleeker, more affordable version of the Q60 that delivers the "same exceptional performance." This 240mm AIO liquid cooler comes with Hyte's new FP12 Duo fans (single frame, omnidirectional aesthetics) and notably does not feature the Q80/Q60's 5-inch screen but instead has "category innovating projector lenses" that "collect scattered rays of qRGB light, focusing them into a beam of mesmerizing color." (So, qRGB lighting, somewhat diffused but still very bright.) 

Hyte says the THICC P60 Duo will offer the highest cooling performance per dollar of any of its coolers (all... three of them), but at the moment the price is still to be determined. The THICC P60 Duo will come in both black and white colorways and will be available in September 2024.

In addition to robust cooling solutions, Hyte also showed off some components that will work with its Nexus Link ecosystem to make the inside of your case prettier. The qRGB Noodle is a flexible qRGB lighting strip with 215 degrees of smooth, saturated diffused lighting. The strip bends easily and comes with mounting clips, so you should be able to easily fit it inside any case (though it's designed specifically to complement Hyte's Y-series cases). It will come in both black and white colorways when it launches; no price or release date has been announced yet. 

For expanding your PC's I/O capacity (and keeping your cables in order), Hyte also demoed its internal universal hub — a USB 2.0 header with four powered USB 2.0 outputs. The internal universal hub features a low-profile design with a clear frosted case (for lighting, naturally), embedded magnets so you can easily stick it anywhere inside your case, and a rotary power switch. Like everything else Hyte announced, there's no pricing just yet, but it should be available in September 2024.

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  • thestryker
    Really curious how the new coldplate design will play out in this 360mm version of the THICC. While I found the Q60 to be relatively impressive I was curious if anything other than radiator thickness might be holding it back. No matter what though I'd be waiting for a version without a screen.