Zephyr teams up with Valkyrie for its first liquid cooled GPU — a silver and black RTX 4080 Super with 280mm AiO

Zephyr X Valkyrie RTX 4080 Super
(Image credit: Zephyr on Bilibili)

A premium GeForce RTX 4080 Super graphics card equipped with a 280mm AiO liquid cooler is being teased in China (h/t WCCFTech). Newcomer Zephyr has collaborated with the well-respected Valkyrie (VK) for this distinctive, unique silver and black design, which boasts several RGB LED lighting zones. The resulting Zephyr X Valkyrie RTX 4080 Super is demoed in the linked video and appears to be a cool and pleasingly quiet performer. But this is just a teaser, of course — we're still waiting for official tech specs, pricing, and availability.

When the Zephyr X Valkyrie RTX 4080 Super is released it will be the first liquid-cooled graphics card from Zephyr to come to market. The design is based on one of the best graphics cards currently available and is said to be the result of six months of close collaboration between Zephyr and Valkyrie.

The predominantly silver GPU shroud features a series of design flourishes: windows with LED logos, venting, and multi-faceted bevels — but it isn’t too busy-looking.

Zephyr and Valkyrie keep the top of the design clean by putting both the 12VHPWR and USB connectors on the end of the card. There is also supposed to be a full-length backplate, so the custom PCB is completely encased.

The radiator connects to the GPU via colored braided tubes, and looks like it uses similar materials to match the rest of the white and silver demo system PC build. The 280mm radiator makes use of twin 140mm fans with silvery centers, surrounded by angular shards of LED lighting.

Several other components in this PC are from the experts at Valkyrie, and everything sits together in a pleasantly unified theme.

In the video, Zephyr thanks Valkyrie for its cooling technology, which it says enables the RTX 40080 Super to “run at extremely low temperatures while exerting powerful performance, resulting in an excellent, quiet experience.”

Backing up that statement, there's some video footage showing 3DMark benchmarking, FurMark purring along, and various games running on demanding settings. We can see from the video that the GPU temperature never exceeds 52 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the fan speed doesn't require pushing past 1,350 rpm to maintain this max temperature, and the system noise measures around 40dB (similar to a quiet library). As always, take these first-party test results and measurements with a pinch of salt.

If you're interested in the Zephyr X Valkyrie RTX 4080 Super, the video says buyers should expect pre-orders to open shortly after Chinese New Year. We expect we'll see more collaborative work between these hardware makers, but whether any Zephyr designs become available in the west remains to be seen.

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