Phanteks 5.5-inch 1440p display lets you show whatever you want inside your PC case — the display features an IPS panel with a 60 Hz refresh rate and 450 nits of brightness

Phanteks In-Case Monitor
(Image credit: Phanteks)

Phanteks just launched a 5.5-inch LED with an IPS display to be used inside your case. This is an excellent option for those who want to showcase more than just their computer's RGB lighting hardware, liquid cooling setups, and fancy cables to make your edge-to-edge fish tank-looking glass PC cases look less boring while complimenting its aesthetics.

These have a 2160 x 1,440 resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate, 450 nits brightness, and 99% sRGB color profiles. The casing is plastic with two color options and is lightweight (Phanteks only lists the gross weight, so it should be much less than 337.5 grams).

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Product Dimension (L X W H)150.9 X 80 x 16.4mm/ 5.94 x 3.14 x 0.64 inch
MaterialsABS Plastic/ PC Plastic
ColourBlack/ White
ConnectionsHDMI, 5v USB Power
Display Size5.5"
Resolution2160 x 1440
Color SpectrumsRGB 99%
Contents4x Fans Screws; 4x M4 Screws; 1x SATA to Micro USB Type B Cable; 1x HDMI Cable; 2x Feet

What Makes This More User-Friendly Than Any Mini Displays

Many PC enthusiasts have been incorporating mini displays inside their PC cases to display a particular video or as a system health monitor, even before all glass panel chassis were a thing. Their multiple mounting options with two viewing angles and DC power input make these mini displays more convenient for this purpose.

(Image credit: Phanteks)

The monitor has magnets placed within the monitor's casing, allowing you to have an almost flush mount on any steel surface (like the PSU Shroud). But the screw-mount feet allow more freedom. It provides a 90-degree or 15-degree tilt, and it is also magnetic. Additionally, because of the mounting holes on the display and the in-display magnets, you can display it horizontally or vertically. If this doesn't satisfy you, the feet provide screw holes, letting you attach this monitor to a 120mm fan from within. The mounting method is limited to horizontal orientation when mounted on top/ bottom mounted fans and the vertical layout when mounted from within the front and rear case fans.

Since it uses a 5v mini USB connector for power, it provides cleaner cable management than typical mini displays with a power brick powered by a wall socket. A SATA or Micro-USB cable lets your system's PSU power up this display internally. All the adequately sized wires are provided, though you'd need to buy longer cables should you use this as an external monitor away from the case.

Phantek's purpose-made LED has a recessed cable management area for the HDMI and a SATA-to-mini USB connector. The monitor's OSD lets you change the display orientation, set resolution, set the display to extend, hide the taskbar, and prevent cursor display on this screen, something you wouldn't find in typical mini displays.

(Image credit: Phanteks)

Phanteks provides all the needed screws, HDMI cable, and a SATA-to-mini-USB cable, giving you a complete package. With a two-year warranty and the option to choose in white or black casing, you get everything you need to have a mini display inside your PC case. Pre-orders can be placed on Phantek's website, which sells these for $109 each. But once this is available, we may see these listed on Amazon and other online retailers.

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  • clonazepam
    I would sport that vertically, if its possible, with MSI Afterburner's OSD, and it has plenty of color options for grouping. That's really cool
  • hotaru251
    reasonable price too as most displays around that arent complete and/or are only 1080p.
  • Wilazn
    Damn I wanted to preorder but it says it's sold out.