Stand-Out Chassis: Cool Case Mods From Tom's Community

The IBM XT Retro-Fit Mod Pt. 1

Back at the start of the personal computing revolution, the IBM XT was known primarily for its internal hard drive (a rarity 35 years ago). This retro IBM XT case mod pays homage to the PC of yesteryear.

The IBM XT Retro-Fit Mod Pt. 2

While the outside may be retro, the inside features all modern components. Bobba84 did a remarkable job updating this rig for the 21st century.

The Askew Project: Watercool Testbench Pt. 1

For their case mod, Rubix_1011 decided to think outside the box. This custom-built watercooled PC exposes all the innards on the outside. Rubix_1011 called this project 'Askew', based on the lightweight wood featured in this build. Rubix_1011 documented the entire project from start to finish in our forums.

The Askew Project: Watercool Testbench Pt. 2

Here's another angle of 'Askew'. The case was designed to be a functional test bench and an art piece. The mod is pretty old at this point, and features the tried-and-true Intel Core i7-2600 and a now-ancient Nvidia GeForce 560 Ti SLI configuration.

  • weberdarren97
    Thumbnail is broken.

    Update: It appears to be fixed now.
  • JonDol
    What a waste of time painting that white. Hopefully it was a fun thing to do... Maybe that guy didn't knew the Nanoxia DeepSilence white cases
  • Lutfij
    The point of modding is to give it a touch of character akin to no other. To have something, at the time of working, was not available for purchase. On another note, you may want to look through Jason Pierce's works. He's the one who painted that chassis white.

    That being said, if you're comparing a Corsair 600T to the Nanoxia lineup of chassis, that's not a good comparison. Nanoxia also came very late into the market.
  • mejobloggs
    Is that very first image of the cube case a real case-mod, or just the article thumbnail or something?

    I think it's super awesome and I want to see a large image... or any more info... anything?

    UFO Cube!