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Biggest PC Games of E3

Biggest Games You'll Want to Play

Though every Electronic Entertainment Expo comes packed with big news and announcements for PC gamers, this year's E3 is especially loaded with exciting reveals.

From long-overdue open-world cyberpunk games to former Xbox exclusives embracing Windows, this year's E3 slate has a lot to offer the PC platform. We've rounded up this list to showcase the expo's heaviest hitters coming to PC.

Credit: CD Projekt

This story was originally published on Laptop Mag.

Cyberpunk 2077

We know almost nothing about this game, but that's just enough to be excited for it: It is being developed by CD Projekt Red, has a dope cyberpunk aesthetic and has been in the making for almost a decade. It's got guns, mind hacking, hot cars, robot legs and all that other good stuff that fans of the future want in their video games. Plus, it's microtransaction-free and, on PC, void of DRM. Remember, the guys and gals behind this are the same folks who made The Witcher 3, so we know the game will respect its fans and be of the highest quality. The only real question remaining is: When will it be released?

Credit: CD Projekt

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a multiplayer game with nuclear armaments, meaning that, like the games in the Civilization series, this will be a title with its own uniquely, beautifully toxic online community. Trolls will be rampant, nuclear chaos will reign, and all the fun of single-player safety will be drenched under a hefty pile of multiplayer fallout. It's a new dawn for the Fallout series and one that might take the franchise in an exciting new direction.
Credit: Bethesda Softworks

Team Sonic Racing

E3 has us feeling the need for speed, and Team Sonic Racing is here to give us our fix. Featuring more of the fast-and-furious racing gameplay from the Sonic & All-Stars Racing series, this game features just Sonic characters — or, at least, that's what we've seen so far. But who knows which other characters will end up in this game? Secrets abound as Sonic and company get behind the wheel for another (likely) awesome racing game by lauded developer Sumo Digital.

Credit: Sega

Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics is, in a strange twist, a PC-exclusive Gears (aka, Gears of War) game. It focuses less on Gears-centric third-person shooting and more on tactical unit-stationing and turn-based strategy, a la Xcom. It's undoubtedly an interesting genre-hybrid and has the potential to be great. Gears is finally taking risks with its brand, and we're excited to see the results.
Credit: Microsoft Studios

Gears 5

Gears 5 has dropped the "of War" part of its name, but it still looks to be firmly about war and bloody, gruesome combat. Starring Kait Diaz, the daughter of Reyna Diaz, the plot looks to be darker than usual Gears fare, especially because of its focus on Kait's hallucinations and visions. Couple that with the exploration of environments not yet seen in the Gears franchise, and G5 looks to be another step toward growth in the franchise, right alongside Gears Tactics.
Credits: Microsoft Studios

Halo Infinite

We know next to nothing about Halo Infinite, beyond two simple facts: Master Chief is in the trailer, and the game is coming to PC in addition to Xbox One. That's right: A new Halo game is landing on Windows 10 within close proximity to when its console counterpart arrives. Get hyped! Odds are good that you'll be able to shoot some aliens and drive some warthogs, so there's that to look forward to as well.

Credit: Microsoft Studios

Metro: Exodus

Metro: Exodus looks to continue the story of the franchise's previous two (excellent) installments, Metro: Last Light and Metro 2033. Starring a young man named Artyom, Exodus will be about his and his peoples' quest to exit the subway stations of Moscow and reclaim the surface world from mutants in a post-nuclear Russia. Based off the game's E3 showing, Exodus seems like it will sport the grim, determined atmosphere and rich, subversive storytelling of its predecessors. We look forward to what Ukrainian developer 4A Games has in store for us.

Credit: Deep Silver

Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 is covering its bases and making sure it's got everything gamers want: a fleshed-out campaign, an intense historical setting, epic multiplayer action and, for the very first time, a battle-royale mode. Given that the series has featured 32v32 multiplayer for quite a few installments, adding an additional 36 players to get us to the royale genre's standard 100-player count seems like a logical next step. We can't wait to see what that mode, and the rest of the game, look like against DICE's reimagined World War 2 backdrop.

Credit: Electronic Arts

Unravel Two

Unravel Two is the impossibly cute, completely unexpected sequel to one of EA's best, most heartfelt games. It's a platformer starring a little bundle of yarn that walks, jumps and goes on grand adventures, and it's easily one of the biggest smile-inducing series on the market right now. For all the original Unravel's charm, there was a pervasive sense of melancholy underpinning the game. The sequel ventures away from atmospheric, existential dread by adding a co-op mode. You and a friend can become red and blue Yarnies and keep each other company through the sequel's emotionally taxing, Laika Studios-esque journey. Plus, EA announced the game and released it at the same time, meaning it's available right now!
Credit: Electronic Arts


If you smashed Destiny and Iron Man together, it'd probably look something like Anthem. Featuring high-flying supersuits and a lot of monster bad guys to be shot, this game looks like it'll have something for everyone. There's classic BioWare RPG choice-making, supersuit customization and class variety, and total co-op integration, so groups of friends can fly around and blow stuff up together. The game is also very easy on the eyes. We can't wait to see the full scope of Anthem when it arrives early next year.

Credit: Electronic Arts